Product Authentication

Whether it is only product serialization/ authentication using mass serialization/tagging or it is extremely high tech solution involving multi-layered technology application in physical as well as virtual form; we have the answer to every need and problem of the brands. Our teams of professionals, strategically located around the globe, are always keen to listen to the brand owners, reach out to discuss their needs, make their system assessments and ...

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CNG Vehicle Safety Check

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Technology Options at a Glance

Any or all of our technologies are mutually integrate able in such a manner.
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Code Authentication

Codes generated by Vigilex and printed on products or their labels can be verified by using our already existing platform.
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Product Serialization /Coding

Hall mark of technology solutions is Mass Serialization of the product.
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About TBS

Total Brand Security Pvt. Ltd., takes pride in being a leading company in Pakistan, which is widely recognized as highly specialized in providing comprehensive, innovative and state of the art solutions for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting purposes. We bring unmatched experience with unrivalled technologies.

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W e not only specialize in customized labeling, we have very vast experience and expertise to offer automated labeling solutions for the brands, which may include single bottles...

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The TRACK inside technology is a breakthrough non-aggressive subsurface marking system particularly suited for glass recipients such as vials and syringes.

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All pharmaceutical products are invariably packed in the cartons of gross volumes which may vary in shapes and sizes and can ensure that all cartons reach the final sales points.

We are one proud team

“Best Global Team of specialists with single aim”
Secure Brands & Empower consumers
Patient safety as social responsibility
Some of the Brands and Organizations, we serve with pride.
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High Volume Production Line Solution

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Unique Innovative Solutions

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Serialization - Track and Trace